Impressing People With Easy Magic Tricks

Levitation magic trickMagic in itself is a trick to impress people. It is all about creating illusion and the aura of disguise where audience can easily be drifted away with emotions of joy and ecstasy. As it is always said that nothing can be invented in the world of magic, as the more one grasps about the tricks the more skilled he becomes. So, in order to impress people with magic tricks just read, learn, and practice them day in day out.

In order to impress, first of all segregate the age segment to be impressed. To be very frank magic is all about fooling audience with the fascinating tricks, those that are beyond their comprehension. As the person grows one gets accustomed and aware of the tricks behind a particular magic. That is why different type of magic is required for different age groups.

Secondly remember few important points like more is the practice done at the back end, more skilled one becomes at the front end and until it becomes very natural to perform a magic trick. Also, never divulge your secret to the audience. Just try to keep your audience engaged with few bantering stuff along with patter that can be used as filler. As already said magic is not about miracles, so a performer should be well trained in terms of tact, practice period required to perform the magic act, body movement, carrying himself, sleight (deception through hand movements) and the show off in front of audience. Everything else will be taken care of by the basic essence of that act.

Let us try to have a glimpse over one of them, which can make whole procedure crystal clear. One very famous magic is the act of levitation. Stage magicians always impress audience with this mind boggling act of levitation. Most of the times when we see something dangling or floating in front of a magician, then it’s a bluff because at the back end they must have taken resort of invisible thread, which is not literally invisible but very fine nylon one. Its one end is closely attached with a small ball that is hidden between gums and cheeks of the performer. Its other end is tightly attached with the floating object. Rest of the link is absolutely camouflaged from the audience. But basic thing that needs to be taken care of is the weight of dangling or floating object because a heavy weight can tear the edge part of lips. Once your object starts floating just swing your fingers here and there and fill all the dead air with the bantering stuff.

This was just an illustrative example. The purpose of this trick is not to educate about the procedure of performing tricks but to illustrate the back end modus operandi that is very often same in each and every trick. That is disguising the actual deed from your audience. So, in order to impress someone with magic tricks, just learn these activities, and practice them endlessly, so that nobody needs to hold your hands in performing these actions and impressing your audience.