Performing Magic Tricks With Money

Money is perhaps one of the basic driving forces for many professional magicians, though money itself is the entity which has created maximum number of magic in the form of frauds, scandals and many others, some of which are known and some are unknown to us. Jokes aside, let us try to understand the magic or number of illusions that can be performed with money. This type of magic can have dual advantage as it can be performed with currency coins as well as currency notes. Again it depends purely on one’s skills as well as extensive practice that he might have done at the back end. There is no such technology or procedure involved in its learning. More one knows, more one learns about how to perform it. Let us have a glimpse over different money related magic tricks in order to carve deep of them.

First of all start with some very basic ones named as “four to five“. This is about converting four pennies in a close fist into five pennies in an open one. Here one needs to pick five pennies and paste one beneath the table on which show is being performed. Now it is required to divulge four pennies in front of audience and thereafter swing closed hand here and there, everywhere including up and downside of table. The moment your hand is swinging near the penny you must pick it without getting noticed. That is how four pennies are converted into five. That trick works well for kids and young, but older people are not as easily fooled.

Let us try to increase the level from young to grownups. It is a magic by the name of “coin vanish“. In this illusion you are supposed to invite someone from the audience and put a coin out from your pocket. Now it is required to take audience into confidence that you will certainly make this coin disappear into the sky and then apparently bring it back out of nowhere. Banter your audience with some magic words. Put your hands straight along with the volunteer’s one with his palm upside. Then slowly put your hands up and try to bring them down with counting. Cautiously in-between that counting put this coin over your head and pretend as if it is lost in the sky. Take your audience into confidence that you have definitely lost it in the sky. Repeating the similar procedure in the reverse fashion; just make volunteer’s hand straight and keep him busy in counting and other bantering stuff. In the meantime put your hands straight and make a body movement in order to drop that coin into volunteer’s hand, pretending as if you have brought it out of nowhere in the sky. The only thing needs to be taken care is the speed and the skill with which you perform this illusion.

Like rest of the magic tricks these money magic tricks are also the game of illusion and drifting away your audience into emotions and bantering stuff. There is no such magical machine that can produce money except the mint. So, leave the task of money generation to government and keep on playing with these coins and greenbacks.

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