Top 5 Magic Tricks Every Beginner Can Learn

Easy money magic tricksHave you ever wanted to pull a rabbit out of a hat, to make a coin disappear and make it reappear from behind one of your ears? Or are you dreaming about performing impressive money tricks? Whatever the case, some magic tricks are very easy to learn and great for beginner magic practitioners, so be sure to keep reading to find out about a few tricks you can try.

The Optical Ring Illusion

This is one of the simplest tricks of our times. You can make a finger ring appear larger or smaller right in front of your audience! A pretty looking and colored finger ring can expand and shrink at your will. No special skills are required to pull this one off; just learn the procedure. So how do you do it? First you need a trendy looking finger ring on your finger. The ring should be self adjustable. The next step; put the ring on any of your fingers and with a little slyness pretend that the ring is too large. Twist the ring slowly while you position it well on your finger as if you want it to perfectly fit you. Make it be believed that the ring has become too small then twist it gently in the opposite direction and surprisingly, it fits your finger!

The Card Trick

A random audience chooses a card from a pile divided in three rows without the magician looking. The magician then flawlessly picks out the selected card from one of the rows. How does it work? The magician asks a volunteer to pick a card then place it in one of the rows. The volunteer will point out the row where the card is in. A magician will pick up the cards 3 times and place then in 3 rows again making sure that the row pointed by the audience falls in second place. After the second point out, count four cards on the row pointed out, the fourth card is always the volunteer’s card!

Learning card tricks is often easier than performing more complex magic acts. Card tricks can be based on math and do not necessarily require agility and sleight of hand.

The Rope Trick

Have you ever wanted to get a knot on a rope without doing it yourself? Here’s how. A piece of rope is held by the ends and then the fingers are closed around the ends. The rope is shaken slightly to taunt the audience, blown into it and then one end of the rope dropped. Alas, the rope has a knot! The trick; one end already has a knot, make sure you hide this end from the audience and bring the other end to it. A little shaking and dropping and a knot is in place.

The Money Maker

With this machine a blank paper is placed on one side and dollar comes out on the other, great! The trick is the blank paper is cut in the size of the dollar. This is however a trick and the money coming out on the other side isn’t real.

The Sugar Cube Trick

A number is written on a sugar cube it gets dropped in a glass with water then the glass is placed on a palm. Voila! The number appears on the hand. Trick; the number is written on the sugar cube then you make sure to press it hard on your thumb so it gets imprinted. Get an audience to drop the cube in water then press the glass rim on his hand. Before that make sure to press the thumb with the number onto the volunteer’s palm. And you know how it will end.

For detailed instructions on how to perform these and hundreds of other magic tricks be sure to take a look at “Learn Easy Magic” book.

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