Performing Easy Magic Tricks For Your Friends And Family

Handkerchief magic trickAre you willing to make your friends amazed or impressed? Do you have the desire to become a master performer at the stage? Then you have come to the right place. This article will teach you some of the basic but standard magic tricks which you can apply while at home or workplace and impress your friends and relatives. What you need for this is basically some interest and a lot of practice and skill. Once you have mastered these tricks you can perform it well in front of any audience.

One such famous magic trick which you can try out learning as a beginner is the handkerchief trick. This trick basically aims to make your spectators believe that you can tie a good knot in your handkerchief by simply making use of one hand only. You don’t require any other prop for this trick. Just a simple handkerchief is enough for this purpose. First of all tie a small knot at one end of the handkerchief and put it inside your pocket. When facing the audience make sure that you take the handkerchief out in such a way that the audience can see only the untied end. Make the knotted end hidden inside your hand. Now pick up and release the hanging end several times. Doing it several times adds flair to this feat. Meanwhile make it sure to neatly let go of the end containing the knot instead of the other end. To the audience it will be a great feat but only you know the secret behind it. One thing you need to be expert on is your switching part. Do practice this trick a lot before performing in front of an audience.

Another famous magic trick which you can practice at home is the matchstick trick. This trick makes the audience into believing that you first break a match stick and then rejoin it again. All that you need to make this trick possible is a handkerchief, a matchstick and a lot of practice. First of all place a matchstick inside the hem of the kerchief. Next take some matchsticks with you and ask someone from the audience to choose a stick. Now place the handkerchief on the table with the matchstick chosen placed at the center. Now start rolling up the matchstick. While rolling manually hold the matchstick in the hem.  Allow the volunteer to break that matchstick. Break the same match stick twice and loud enough for the audience. It will make the audience get convinced that the matchstick placed by the volunteer has been broken twice. Now in the final step place the kerchief back on the table and unroll it. The audience will simply be amazed to see the unbroken matchstick inside. But before trying this feat out before an audience make sure to have a good practice of it.

These are some of the magic learning tricks that you can try out at home to impress your family and friends. Be sure to take a look at Learn Easy Magic book for more awesome magic tricks including very detailed instructions on how to perform them.

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