Learn How To Become A Magician With Learn Easy Magic

Learning magic and magic tricks is unfortunately not as easy as one may think. Many magicians are keeping their secrets to themselves, and finding one who is open and forthcoming with giving away incredible tips and secrets of the trade is even more difficult than actually learning magic.

One of the easiest and in my opinion best ways to quickly learn magic tricks for a beginner is with Bryan Dean’s Learn Easy Magic program. I’ve read it several times over and over again and no other books were as helpful to me as this one. He really knows his stuff and the tricks you’ll learn with his books are very useful and fun.

Learn Easy Magic has everything you need to know as a magician. Bryan published a set of books with a variety of topics, including card tricks, money tricks, mental magic and more. It will undoubtedly be helpful to many new magicians who are just starting out, or even learn a few new tricks to those with some previous background in doing magic tricks.

Magic with Money

The first of Bryan’s books talks about money magic and performing magic tricks with coins and money bills. It’s filled with tricks professionals use every day to entertain and amaze people, and you can learn it too. Want to impress your friends at a party, get a free drink at a bar or pick up a girl? With these tricks, you’ll definitely be on the right track.

Card Tricks

The second book talks about card magic. If you want to perform great tricks with cards, this book is definitely for you. Dozens of incredible card tricks detailed and explained will surely impress even the most sceptic audience. Want to win at poker every time — you’ll learn how in this book.

Mind Reading Magic

The third book talks about mind reading magic.  If you ever wanted to convince people you can read their minds, this book will explain all the tricks you’ll need to successfully pull it off. You won’t actually be able to read minds, but you’ll be close enough no doubt.

Magic with Everyday Objects

The fourth book in Ryan’s set talks about how to perform magic with everyday objects. Sometimes you just don’t carry cards with you all the time (I know I don’t), or money tricks become too ‘simple’ for you. Perhaps someone simply wants you to do some magic with a random object around you. In any case, this book will teach you impressive tricks you can do anywhere and with almost anything, imagination being your limit.

As a bonus, Ryan also gives away a free magic guide for beginners, which will most likely save you hundreds of dollars you’d otherwise spend on books, DVDs and other material, and all of it unnecessary.

In my opinion, Learn Easy Magic is by far the best and easiest way to learn many different magic tricks which you can perform over and over again and impress people anywhere you like. Parties, bars, work… you name it. If you ever considered going to seminars or having a private tutor to learn magic tricks, you know these books are only a fraction of the price you would otherwise pay. It’s a bargain, and undoubtedly the easiest and most fun way to learn some of the best magic tricks professionals use every day.

How To Do Card Tricks

Easy card tricksMagic is an age old art of rejuvenating yourself and delighting your soul. Though it is a gamut of quite old tricks but still appears to be as fresh as ever before. Among plethora of various magic tricks performed card tricks are the simplest and easiest ones but requires hefty practice and deep concentration towards the trick to be performed.

Now-a-days there are number of magic card tricks famous by the names such as “Two of a kind”, “Four Jacks”, “It’s all aces”, “Easy Pickin’s”, “Card Kick”, “Three friends”, “Bottom Guess”, “Colour change story”, “Rising cards and glass bottle”, “Redhill 4 Aces”. But the basic phenomenon used behind their performance is twisting, folding, adjusting of hands along with the bluffing and disguising at the backend preparation. There is nothing as such a procedure involved in the learning of card tricks neither there is any rocket science involved. Here seeing is learning and that is what we can try to explain here with the help of elaborating techniques behind few tricks.

Let us try to break it down with the simple example of “It’s all Aces”. Here a simple back end preparation of putting all the aces on the top of the deck is required. Now performer needs to call anyone among his audience to divide this deck into two piles. Once the process is through ask anyone to repeat it, so that you would be left with four piles. Just remember that a particular pile is topped with four aces. Now it is the time for pretending. Pick any pile besides the one containing aces. Now it is the time to smash top three cards on the bottom. After that it is the time to tackle the top three cards of other piles in the similar fashion. Put one card on the top of each pile. Continue this procedure with other piles. After this procedure is over with all the piles; turn the topmost card of all the piles showing Aces.

Once more let us understand it with another example of “Four Jacks”. Separate out four jacks from the deck along with two secret cards. Put the sequence as jack1, secret 1, secret 2, jack 2, jack 3 and jack 4. Now following the same sequence put these cards on the pile of cards. Just drift away audience by saying that these four jacks can’t get away from each other. Pick the topmost jack1 and put it at the bottom. Then pick the second one and put it somewhere in between the pile in a camouflaged manner. Repeat this step with the second secret card. Now jack2 is on the top. Show your audience this card. Cut the deck into two piles. Put the bottom half of pile 2 onto the pile 1 clubbing all the jacks together. After this only fanning out of these cards is left which will divulge all the jacks together in front of audience.

We can take any other example of card tricks but ultimately it will be seen that it is collaboration of tricks, bluffing and carrying himself of magician in front of audience which actually creates magic not any sort of miracle. More the acumen one develops for these tricks, more skilled he will become. That is what card tricks is all about.

Performing Easy Magic Tricks For Your Friends And Family

Handkerchief magic trickAre you willing to make your friends amazed or impressed? Do you have the desire to become a master performer at the stage? Then you have come across the correct place. This article will teach you some of the basic but standard magic tricks which you can apply while at home or workplace and impress your friends and relatives. What you need for this is basically some interest and a lot of practice and skill. Once you have mastered these tricks you can perform it well in front of any audience and gain fame and popularity.

One such famous magic trick which you can try out learning as a beginner is the handkerchief trick. This trick basically aims to make your spectators believe that you can tie a good knot in your handkerchief by simply making use of one hand only. You don’t require any other prop for this trick. Just a simple handkerchief is enough for this purpose. First of all tie a small knot at one end of the handkerchief and put it inside your pocket. When facing the audience make sure that you take the handkerchief out in such a way that the audience can see only the untied end. Make the knotted end hidden inside your hand. Now pick up and release the hanging end several times. Doing it several times adds flair to this feat. Meanwhile make it sure to neatly let go of the end containing the knot instead of the other end. To the audience it will be a great feat but only you know the secret behind it. One thing you need to be expert on is your switching part. Do practice this trick a lot before performing in front of an audience.

Another famous magic trick which you can practice at home is the matchstick trick. This trick makes the audience into believing that you first break a match stick and then rejoin it again. All that you need to make this trick possible is a handkerchief, a matchstick and a lot of practice. First of all place a matchstick inside the hem of the kerchief. Next take some matchsticks with you and ask someone from the audience to choose a stick. Now place the handkerchief on the table with the matchstick chosen placed at the center. Now start rolling up the matchstick. While rolling manually hold the matchstick in the hem.  Allow the volunteer to break that matchstick. Break the same match stick twice and loud enough for the audience. It will make the audience get convinced that the matchstick placed by the volunteer has been broken twice. Now in the final step place the kerchief back on the table and unroll it. The audience will simply be amazed to see the unbroken matchstick inside. But before trying this feat out before an audience make sure to have a good practice of it.

These are some of the magic learning tricks that you can try out at home to impress your family and friends. Be sure to take a look at Learn Easy Magic book for more awesome magic tricks including very detailed instructions on how to perform them.

Performing Magic Tricks With Money

Money is perhaps one of the basic driving forces for many professional magicians, though money itself is the entity which has created maximum number of magic in the form of frauds, scandals and many others, some of which are known and some are unknown to us. Jokes apart! Let us try to understand the magic or number of illusions that can be performed with money. This type of magic can have dual advantage as it can be performed with currency coins as well as currency notes. Again it depends purely on one’s skills as well as extensive practice that he might have done at the back end. There is no such technology or procedure involved in its learning. More one knows, more one learns about how to perform it. Let us have a glimpse over different money related magic tricks in order to carve deep of them.

First of all start with some very basic ones named as “four to five“. This is about converting four pennies in a close fest into five pennies in an open one. Here one needs to pick five pennies and paste one beneath the table on which show is being performed. Now it is required to divulge four pennies in front of audience and thereafter swing closed hand here and there, everywhere including up and downside of table. The moment your hand is swinging near the penny you must pick it without getting noticed. That is how four pennies are converted into five. That trick works well for kids and young but matured people are not as easily fooled.

Let us try to increase the level from young to grownups. It is a magic by the name of “coin vanish“. In this illusion you are supposed to invite someone from the audience and put a coin out from your pocket. Now it is required to take audience into confidence that you will certainly make this coin disappear into the sky and then apparently bring it back out of nowhere. Banter your audience with some magic words. Put your hands straight along with the volunteer’s one with his palm upside. Then slowly put your hands up and try to bring them down with counting. Cautiously in-between that counting put this coin over your head and pretend as if it is lost in the sky. Take your audience into confidence that you have definitely lost it in the sky. Repeating the similar procedure in the reverse fashion; just make volunteer’s hand straight and keep him busy in counting and other bantering stuff. In the meantime put your hands straight and make a body movement in order to drop that coin into volunteer’s hand, pretending as if you have brought it out of nowhere in the sky. The only thing needs to be taken care is the speed and the skill with which you perform this illusion.

Like rest of the magic tricks these money magic tricks are also the game of illusion and drifting away your audience into emotions and bantering stuff. There is no such magical machine that can produce money except the mint. So, leave the task of money generation to government and keep on playing with these coins and greenbacks.

Top 5 Magic Tricks Every Beginner Can Learn

Easy money magic tricksHave you ever wanted to pull a rabbit out of a hat, to make a coin disappear and make it reappear from behind one of your ears? Or are you dreaming about performing impressive money tricks? Whatever the case, some magic tricks are very easy to learn and great for beginner magic practitioners, so be sure to keep reading to find out about a few tricks you can try.

The Optical Ring Illusion

This is one of the simplest tricks of our times. You can make a finger ring appear larger or smaller right in front of your audience! A pretty looking and colored finger ring can expand and shrink at your will. No special skills are required to pull this one off; just learn the procedure. So how do you do it? First you need a trendy looking finger ring on your finger. The ring should be self adjustable. The next step; put the ring on any of your fingers and with a little slyness pretend that the ring is too large. Twist the ring slowly while you position it well on your finger as if you want it to perfectly fit you. Make it be believed that the ring has become too small then twist it gently in the opposite direction and surprisingly, it fits your finger!

The Card Trick

A random audience chooses a card from a pile divided in three rows without the magician looking. The magician then flawlessly picks out the selected card from one of the rows. How does it work? The magician asks a volunteer to pick a card then place it in one of the rows. The volunteer will point out the row where the card is in. A magician will pick up the  cards 3 times and place then in 3 rows again making sure that the row pointed by the audience falls in second place. After the second point out, count four cards on the row pointed out, the fourth card is always the volunteer’s card!

The Rope Trick

Have you ever wanted to get a knot on a rope without doing it yourself? Here’s how. A piece of rope is held by the ends and then the fingers are closed around the ends. The rope is shaken slightly to taunt the audience, blown into it and then one end of the rope dropped. Alas, the rope has a knot! The trick; one end already has a knot, make sure you hide this end from the audience and bring the other end to it. A little shaking and dropping and a knot is in place.

The Money Maker

With this machine a blank paper is placed on one side and dollar comes out on the other, great! The trick is the blank paper is cut in the size of the dollar. This is however a trick and the money coming out on the other side isn’t real.

The Sugar Cube Trick

A number is written on a sugar cube it gets dropped in a glass with water then the glass is placed on a palm. Voila! The number appears on the hand. Trick; the number is written on the sugar cube then you make sure to press it hard on your thumb so it gets imprinted. Get an audience to drop the cube in water then press the glass rim on his hand. Before that make sure to press the thumb with the number onto the volunteer’s palm. And you know how it will end.

For detailed instructions on how to perform these and hundreds of other magic tricks be sure to take a look at “Learn Easy Magic” book.

Impressing People With Easy Magic Tricks

Levitation magic trickMagic in itself is a trick to impress people. It is all about creating illusion and the aura of disguise where audience can easily be drifted away with emotions of joy and ecstasy. As it is always said that nothing can be invented in the world of magic, more one grasps about the tricks more skilled he becomes. So, in order to impress people with magic tricks just read, learn and practice them day in day out.

In order to impress, first of all segregate the age segment to be impressed. To be very frank magic is all about fooling audience with the fascinating tricks, those are beyond their thinking. As the age grows one gets accustomed and aware of the tricks behind a particular magic. That is why different type of magic is required for different age groups.

Secondly remember few important points like more is the practice done at the back end, more skilled one becomes at the front end and until it becomes very obvious. Also, never divulge your secret in audience. Just try to keep your audience engaged with few bantering stuff along with patter that can be used as filler. As already said magic is not about miracles, so a performer should be well trained in terms of tact, gestation period required to give full grace to the requisite act, body movement, carrying himself, sleight (deception through hand movements) and the show off in front of audience. Rest everything will be taken care by the basic essence of that act.

Let us try to have a glimpse over one of them, which can make whole procedure crystal clear. One very famous magic is the act of levitation. Stage magicians always impress audience with this mind boggling act of levitation. Most of the times when we see something dangling or floating in front of a magician, then it’s a bluff because at the back end they must have taken resort of invisible thread, which is not literally invisible but very fine nylon one. Its one end is closely attached with a small ball that is hidden between gums and cheeks of the performer. Its other end is tightly attached with the floating object. Rest of the link is absolutely camouflaged from the audience. But basic thing that needs to be taken care of is the weight of dangling or floating object because a heavy weight can tear the edge part of lips. Once your object starts floating just swing your fingers here and there and fill all the dead air with the bantering stuff.

This was just an illustrative example. The purpose of this trick is not to educate about the procedure of performing tricks but to illustrate the back end modus operandi that is very often same in each and every trick. That is disguising the actual deed in the face of a someone. So, in order to impress someone with magic tricks, just learn these activities, practice them and develop a niche for them, so that nobody can hold your hands in performing these actions and impressing your audience.

First Steps For Learning Card Tricks

Card tricksCard tricks have been popular as long as playing cards have been around. Magicians have used ordinary playing cards to perform amazing sleight of hand tricks and illusions in elaborate stage acts for centuries. Learning how to perform the most popular card tricks is a rite of passage for anyone who wants to learn the art of the magician. Many children start out a lifelong interest in magic with the “pick a card” trick that an older relative performs at a family party or event.  Children and adults are fascinated by the amazing feats that magicians are able to perform with simple cards. If you want to learn how to do the most popular tricks and amaze your friends and family follow these tips from professional magicians to master popular card tricks or even create your own:

Learn the deck:

There are thousands of different styles of cards but they are variations on the original design of 52 cards. Spend some time learning the deck that you want to use and get very familiar with it. Make sure that you can shuffle the cards and perform other basic card movements very well before you move on to more advanced tricks. The more time you spend on the basics the better your tricks will be later on.

Watch other magicians:

One of the best ways to learn popular card tricks is to watch other magicians perform them. You can go see other magicians live, watch videos online, or spend some time watching old magic acts on TV. If you are watching videos or TV slow down the recording and go frame by frame watching the magician’s hands so that you can see exactly what that person is doing. You can learn a lot just by watching how other people perform classic tricks. If you go to see a magician live ask that person after the show to show you the trick again and pay close attention to what they do.

Practice in front of a mirror:

When you start performing the tricks for yourself go very slowly and use a mirror so that you can see what your audience will see. Work through the trick slowly at first so that you get the fundamental pieces of the trick correct. Then you can speed up as you get more familiar with the trick. If you don’t find it helpful to watch yourself in a mirror while you perform the trick you can always record yourself doing the trick and watch the footage later on. When you record yourself doing the trick you can go through frame by frame just like you did watching the professionals to see what mistakes you are making. Then you will know what you need to work on the most.

With enough practice and dedication you will be able to perform the most popular card tricks professionally or just for fun and amaze your friends and family with your magical prowess. You may even find that you want to pursue a career in magic.

Top Magic Tricks Everyone Can Do

Top magic tricksHave you ever thought about becoming a magician? Magic is fun for all ages, and it’s fun for people who aren’t professional magicians too. Little kids are entranced by sleight of hand magic and they often want to try to replicate the tricks they see older family members perform. Older kids also enjoy trying magic and putting on magic shows. You don’t need to hire a professional magician to come and teach your kids magic. You can show them how to perform basic magic tricks that everyone can do. As they get more experienced they may start creating their own versions of classic magic tricks that they can teach to you so that you can learn a few new tricks too. The most common types of magic tricks that everyone can do include:

Coin Tricks

Making a coin appear and disappear is one of the oldest and easiest tricks in the book. Anyone can learn the secret of making small change appear inside someone’s ear, nose, or other body part. Other popular coin tricks are just easy once you learn the basic sleight of hand movements. Practicing sleight of hand be tricky but anyone can learn it. Just be sure to go slow. Break the movement down into parts and then practice each part. As you get better at each part you will get faster. When you put all the parts together you will get some amazing sleight of hand skills that you can use to dazzle your kids or friends and family with magic.

Card tricks

Card tricks are very popular at family gatherings like birthday parties and summer picnics and barbecues. Make sure that you have a couple of extra card decks with you because once you start performing the kids who are around will want to practice their own card tricks. You can show them your secrets to making card tricks work or just let them play with the cards and try to figure out on their own how the trick works. Giving kids the chance to develop their imaginations and try to reason out how a card trick works is a great way to teach them lessons that are also fun.

Liquid tricks

These tricks are harder to master but make a huge impact. When you master basic liquid displacement tricks you will inspire awe in your kids and family members as they watch you pour liquid into a dry item like a hat but keep the item from getting wet. Just remember that you may end up with some wet items when the people around you want to practice the tricks that they saw you perform. Also remember that you should never tell people how a trick was accomplished. Let them think it was real magic if they want to believe in real magic. Many people want to find some type of spark of hope in their lives and a couple of easy magic tricks that everyone can do can give them that.

For a helpful start in your first magic tricks be sure to take a look at Bryan Dean’s “Learn Easy Magic“. This ebook contains countless tips which can help you perform magic tricks for amateurs and professionals alike, and Bryan’s book is the first step you should take if you wish to become a skilled magician.