Top Magic Tricks Everyone Can Do

Top magic tricksHave you ever thought about becoming a magician? Magic is fun for all ages, and it’s fun for people who aren’t professional magicians too. Little kids are entranced by sleight of hand magic and they often want to try to replicate the tricks they see older family members perform. Older kids also enjoy trying magic and putting on magic shows. You don’t need to hire a professional magician to come and teach your kids magic. You can show them how to perform basic magic tricks that everyone can do. As they get more experienced they may start creating their own versions of classic magic tricks that they can teach to you so that you can learn a few new tricks too. The most common types of magic tricks that everyone can do include:

Coin Tricks

Making a coin appear and disappear is one of the oldest and easiest money magic tricks in the book. Anyone can learn the secret of making small change appear inside someone’s ear, nose, or other body part. Other popular coin tricks are just easy once you learn the basic sleight of hand movements. Practicing sleight of hand be tricky but anyone can learn it. Just be sure to go slow. Break the movement down into parts and then practice each part. As you get better at each part you will get faster. When you put all the parts together you will get some amazing sleight of hand skills that you can use to dazzle your kids or friends and family with magic.

Card tricks

Card tricks are very popular at family gatherings like birthday parties and summer picnics and barbecues. Make sure that you have a couple of extra card decks with you because once you start performing the kids who are around will want to practice their own card tricks. You can show them your secrets to making card tricks work or just let them play with the cards and try to figure out on their own how the trick works. Giving kids the chance to develop their imaginations and try to reason out how a card trick works is a great way to teach them lessons that are also fun.

Liquid tricks

These tricks are harder to master but can make a huge splash on your audience. When you master basic liquid displacement tricks you will inspire awe in your kids and family members as they watch you pour liquid into a dry item like a hat but keep the item from getting wet. Just remember that you may end up with some wet items when the people around you want to practice the tricks that they saw you perform.

Always remember that you should never tell people how a trick was accomplished. Let them think it was real magic if they want to believe in real magic. Many people want to find some type of spark of hope in their lives and a couple of easy magic tricks that everyone can do can give them that.

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