Learn How To Become A Magician With Learn Easy Magic

Learning magic and magic tricks is unfortunately not as easy as one may think. Most magicians are keeping their secrets to themselves, and finding one who is open and forthcoming with giving away incredible tips and secrets of the trade is even more difficult than actually learning magic.

One of the easiest and in my opinion best ways to quickly learn magic tricks for a beginner is with Bryan Dean’s Learn Easy Magic program. I’ve read it several times over and over again and no other books were as helpful to me as this one. He really knows his stuff and the tricks you’ll learn with his books are very useful and fun.

Learn Easy Magic has everything you need to know as a magician. Bryan published a set of books with a variety of topics, including card tricks, money tricks, mental magic and more. It will undoubtedly be helpful to many new magicians who are just starting out, or even learn a few new tricks to those with some previous background in doing magic tricks.

Magic with Money

The first of Bryan’s books talks about money magic and performing magic tricks with coins and money bills. It’s filled with tricks professionals use every day to entertain and amaze people, and you can learn it too. Want to impress your friends at a party, get a free drink at a bar or pick up a girl? With these tricks, you’ll definitely be on the right track.

Card Tricks

The second book talks about card magic. If you want to perform great tricks with cards, this book is definitely for you. Dozens of incredible card tricks detailed and explained will surely impress even the most skeptic audience. Want to win at poker every time — you’ll learn how in this book.

Mind Reading Magic

The third book talks about mind reading magic.  If you ever wanted to convince people you can read their minds, this book will explain all the tricks you’ll need to successfully pull it off. You won’t actually be able to read minds, but you’ll be close enough no doubt.

Magic with Everyday Objects

The fourth book in Ryan’s set talks about how to perform magic with everyday objects. Sometimes you just don’t carry cards with you all the time (I know I don’t), or money tricks become too ‘simple’ for you. Perhaps someone simply wants you to do some magic with a random object around you. In any case, this book will teach you impressive tricks you can do anywhere and with almost anything, imagination being your limit.

As a bonus, Ryan also gives away a free magic guide for beginners, which will most likely save you hundreds of dollars you’d otherwise spend on books, DVDs and other material, making all of it unnecessary.

In my opinion, Learn Easy Magic is by far the best and easiest way to learn many different magic tricks which you can perform over and over again and impress people anywhere you like. Parties, bars, work… you name it. If you ever considered going to seminars or having a private tutor to learn magic tricks, you know these books are only a fraction of the price you would otherwise pay. It’s a bargain, and undoubtedly the easiest and most fun way to learn some of the best magic tricks professionals use every day.